1. 24 Hour Hunt starting Friday September 7th, 2018 at 8pm to September 8th, 2018 at 8pm

  2. One to Four Person Teams.  {No additional Helpers.}

  3. Hunt is to be conducted inside Oklahoma State Lines.

  4. There are 2 Hunting Divisions: CAUGHT & SHOT

    1. CAUGHT: Dog & Handler- 3 Hog Stringer (weigh in 3 heaviest hogs)​, $100 Entry, 75% Payback

    2.  SHOT: Gun &/or Bow- 3 Hog Stringer (weigh in 3 heaviest hogs), $100 Entry, 75% Payback

  5. There are 2 Sidepots- LONGEST CUTTER & HEAVIEST HOG {sidepots are for Overall contest}​

    1. LONGEST CUTTER: $25 Entry, 100% Payback. Measured from gumline to the tip of cutter​

    2. HEAVIEST HOG: $25 Entry, 100% Payback. Heaviest hog from Overall Contest.

  6. NO Helicopters​

  7. NO Traps

  8. NO High Fences

  9. All team members are subject to a lie detector test. At least 2 Team Members must be present at weigh in for lie detector test.

  10. Online Registration closes September 4th at 10pm. 3% convenience fee applies.

  11. In-Person Registration is Friday September 7th, 2018 6-8pm at Loud Mountain Trading Co 405 N Main Cement, OK.  CASH ONLY

  12. Weigh In from 10am-8pm Saturday September 8th, 2018 in downtown Cement, OK behind Loud Mountain Trading Co. (405 N Main Cement, OK) Look for hog contest signs.  Contest closes at 8pm.  NO exceptions.

  13. NO Combining hogs. Registered Teams  must kill their own hogs.

  14. All hog must be dead to be weighed and measured.

  15. Do not gut hogs.  Weight will be whole hog.

  16. Any team or contestant found cheating will be disqualified.

  17. In the event of a tie in any category, the hog that was weighed first will be declared the winner.

  18. Decisions by Contest Officials are Final.