Chicken & Veggies

Feed 15 in 45 minutes!


Can Cooker


Heat Source



8 Chicken Breasts

2 pounds of Klondike Gold Potatoes, quartered

1 bag of baby carrots

1 Bell Pepper, sliced

8 stalks of Celery, cut in chunks

2 onions, quartered

8-10 ears of corn cut in half

1 bottle of Italian dressing

1 stick of butter

2 12oz  bottle of Beer

The best thing about a CanCooker is that it can be used on ANY heat source.  Stove, Fire, Grill, name it.    For the recipe we use to make Chicken and Vegetables, it is important to place the veggies in perfect order.    As you can see, you will want to start with the ears of corn standing on end.    This is a very basic CanCooker recipe and we encourage you to try your own variations of ingredients.  The chicken comes out so tender and will not be disappointed!   

Dry Soup

The tastiest medley of deer burger!

Deer Burger Helper

Simple, hearty taste with BIG flavor!

Wild Game Bites

Dove, Turkey, Deer, Ducks and Geese

Ziplock bags

Wild game
Italian dressing
Black pepper
Sweet and Hot jalapenos (aka bread and butter)
Cream cheese

Take desired meat and cut into cubes about the size of small, individual dove breasts or if using dove breasts, cut them off of the breast bone. Marinate in Italian dressing overnight. 

Take one package of bacon and cut strips into thirds. Put in ziplock bag and pour honey over bacon and add desired amount of black pepper to your liking. Marinate overnight. 

Prep meat by laying out bacon, placing cube of game meat on bacon, place jalapeno on cube, press pinch of cream cheese into jalapeno and wrap bacon around and pin with toothpick, etc. 

Grill or smoke until bacon is cooked or meat is firm.

*Submitted by Team Member Geron Cottam

Diced Baked Potatoes

Seriously the best thing since sliced bread!

Smoked Dove

Easy and delicious!

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